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Working Towards A Better Version Of Ourselves

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Each and every one of us definitely has something to improve on, whether to lose weight, give up smoking, or anything else you can think of. Little by little, we all realize and notice our flaws and work our way towards making us a better version of ourselves everyday.

Taking one small step at a time is way better than doing nothing at all. Sometimes, it is easier said than done. We all want to improve ourselves, but the question is “how?”. We all have felt unmotivated at some point in our lives, where nothing is able to motivate us to do a certain thing. When feeling unmotivated, the first thing you must do is start. Little by little, after accomplishing bits and pieces of a goal, rewarding yourself with a little something doesn’t hurt. This can be rewarding yourself with a cookie, or even an episode of your favorite show.

Keep in mind that keeping your motivation level high is very important and useful. Remember that one day, we will all be able to be that someone we aspire to be, which is a better version of ourselves. Remember that small and regular steps will take you far away, and soon, it will take you to your goal.

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