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5 Websites to "Up" Your Online Learning Game!

Doing assignments for online school has been pretty challenging, especially considering that we’ve been doing so for over a year already. But that doesn’t mean it has to be the case forever! As we go digital, here are some websites that could help you get the most out of your device as we get through remote learning.

1. Slidesgo

  • Editable templates for Google Slides and PowerPoint

  • Various options for different purposes, e.g. education, marketing, infographics

  • Customizable colours and elements

2. Canva

  • Easy and intuitive interface

  • Professionally designed templates

  • No prior design knowledge needed

  • Extensive library of templates for Instagram posts, posters, presentation slides, etc.

3. Hemingway

  • Simply copy-paste text into editor for text suggestions

  • Readability analysis

  • Offers tools such as word count, reading time, sentence number, etc.

  • Colourful suggestion highlights for ease of navigation

4. Quizlet

  • Create flashcards to fit your own needs or study existing decks made by other users

  • Interactive learning modes, including Learn, Write, Spell, and Test

5. Flaticon

  • Downloadable HD icons in SVG, PNG, and more formats

  • Customizable options for most icons

  • Wide range of icons for various topics

  • Available as a Google Slides add-on

These websites have helped us a lot during online school, and we hope they’ll help you, too. Feel free to share the websites that have helped you with remote learning in the comments section!

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