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Time, Time, Time

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

In a day, we only have 24 hours. Yes, I know, not a lot of time to get everything done, especially the fact that everyone needs 7-9 hours of sleep, which makes us have less than 17 hours to get everything done.

In order to have a happy and peaceful life, socialising is very important. Give yourself a little break and spend time with your loved ones. Too much work is not healthy. Overworking can lead to depression and harm your body. However, too much of having fun is also not good for you since you may end up accomplishing nothing. Thus, a good balance is all you need. 

Some students are in crucial need of good time management. Students are given a lot of work by their school, not to mention their extracurricular activities assignments. Therefore, proper scheduling of time is very important. A good student knows the importance of studies, but does he or she also knows that time is valuable and that once time has passed, it will never come back?

So, why is time management very important? Time management is crucial as it will help you achieve your goals in the most efficient and effective way possible. It also helps you to complete your tasks as much as possible with the amount of time you have. Now that you know the importance of time management, you may wonder, how to manage the time you have properly?

One way is to limit unnecessary activities on your daily schedule. On weekends, you should do the activities you may not have time to do otherwise, such as meeting with your friends, going to movies, etc. However, if you are not done with your tasks or you need to accomplish something, make sure you don't lose track of time and still stick with your priorities. Another way is making a to-do list as it will teach you discipline. In that list, you should write your daily activities and the amount of time you think will be needed. However, along the way, there may be some changes in your schedule and that is totally fine. 

Moving on to my personal experience, as we all know, the Covid-19 pandemic has put a halt into our lives, forcing us to stay home and be quarantined. Previously, I was never that very “responsible” kid or the “remember everything” kid. I definitely had forgotten multiple things multiple times. However, I learned that time management is very important. During quarantine, I started making my own to-do list. This has definitely helped me and made me into a more responsible student. Now that I make a to-do list and set my priorities straight, I am able to finish my homework on time or even ahead of time. 

Changing a habit is never easy. When you want to learn to manage your time well, yet you encounter some obstacles and feel like giving up, always keep this in mind: ‘your mind is a magnet’. This means that if you think positively, positive things and positive energy will come around you. This also works the exact opposite: if you think negatively, negative things and negative energy will come around. Thus, always try to think positively and you will feel some positive change in your life.

Stay positive and healthy!


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