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Sustaining Long-Distance Relationship

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

With the advancement of technology, it is easier for us to get in touch with our loved ones , friends, and families. Those who are regions apart, islands apart, or even continents apart. However, even with that many people say that long-distance relationships won’t work. Let me tell you that it is not true. It will work well if both sides commit on this relationship as much as how they treasure it. Moreover, there are actually some benefits of sustaining a long-distance relationship.

One of the benefits of sustaining a long-distance relationship is that you can test and challenge your love with your partners, friends, families, etc. There are couples who are close and spend all of their time together, but once something separates them, they break up because they cannot handle the distance. There are also best friends, families, distant relatives who grew apart just because they could not meet each other. This is heartbreaking, because they are willing to give up their love and friendship for the immediate security in staying close together. They neglect to see that they could grow personally from the experience of being apart.

Furthermore, it teaches you and your partner the value of your relationship, as well as greater appreciation for the time you get to spend together. When you are around someone constantly, it can be easy to take them for granted. They can get into arguments and become caught up in problems that can lead to a break up. Such reactions can be heightened in moments of stress, such as in the aftermath of having a bad day at work. Of course, days like these are normal for anyone, but they can take a toll on a relationship, especially if they happen regularly. This is a sad truth, but being away from your partner, your friends, your families, is a good thing.

So, how do we sustain long distance relationships? First and foremost, you should prioritize your schedules well, so that you still have time to call and talk to them. Secondly, focus on the quality of communication. You should listen to what others say so that your conversation will become meaningful. Last but not the least, you should make a few visits to them once in a while when you can.

All in all, a long-distance relationship requires commitment from those involved to work. It requires communication and trust. There will be rough patches, of course, but if each individual clearly knows the reason why they are in this relationship and friendship at the first place, then the benefits of the outcome will outweigh the negatives. If there is a time in your relationship when you are feeling distressed, because you miss your partner or your friend, keep this wise quote in mind, “Distance between two hearts is not an obstacle; rather a great reminder of just how strong true love can be.”


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