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Internet Influence On Kids

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

The internet is the biggest platform in the world. It is a vast network that connects computers from all over the world. We communicate and share information from anywhere through the internet with an internet connection. Kids use the internet to play online games as well as communicate with their friends, but they might get influenced by the internet. The internet has some benefits for kids, yet they have disadvantages and downsides too.

Let's be real, the majority of the kids use the internet to play online games. Some of you may say that playing online games does not have any benefits and it only ruins the kids’ eyesight. But in reality, online games on the internet can help broaden kids' creativity and teamwork skills. Not only that, the internet could also help them to improve their hand-eye coordinations. Some students may also use the internet to study or retrieve any useful information for general knowledge or for school and academic needs and purposes.

Nevertheless, there are also the disadvantages and downsides of the internet such as addiction, bullying and harassment, violent images, hacking, and also staying in front of the screen can lead to lack of productivity which leads to obesity. This is a reminder to all of you that please have self control while using the internet and to always be safe on the internet!

In conclusion, internet may be beneficial for us as long as we use it in the right way and be cautious at all times.

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