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Everything You Need To Know About Psychosis

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

It’s a term you may have heard before, or maybe you are well familiar with it. What exactly is psychosis? Psychosis refers to a condition where you lose connection to reality. In simple terms, it could be described as hallucinations or delusions. Delusions are false beliefs that a person upholds while hallucinations are when your senses detect something that isn’t present. It isn’t an illness, but instead a symptom where you see or hear something that isn’t actually happening.

To most people, psychosis is a living nightmare. Some people have become so terrified of psychosis that they harm themselves or others. Despite this, it isn’t difficult to identify if someone is experiencing psychosis. Some symptoms include lack of concentration, depression, anxiety, disorganized speech, or withdrawal from family and friends. Causes of psychosis can vary; however, one of the most common causes of psychosis is brain diseases or tumors. Some other causes include dementia or drug use.

Well then, how do you deal with someone who is suffering from psychosis? Firstly, you should speak to them in short sentences and with a calm voice. Furthermore, change topics every once in a while and pretend to be distracted by what they see or hear. Most importantly, you should try to be empathetic with how he feels about his beliefs and experiences. Finally, it is important to seek help from specialist mental health services and obtain proper medication and talking therapy.

Psychosis is a mental health disorder that many people would have experienced at least once in their lives. However, very few truly understand the extent of its dangers and how to handle it without panic. It can happen to anyone, and at any time. Hopefully this article has increased your knowledge and awareness about psychosis. For now, have a pleasant day!


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