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Bullying: Just Stop!

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Bullying. Defined simply as the behaviour of a person who hurts another person through both words and actions. It makes the victims feel hurt, scared, embarrassed, sad, lonely, and sick. We call these people “bullies”, who become one for several reasons, such as as having a lack of love around them, having fears of inferiority, being envy, being given too much authority, being bullied themselves, etc.

Today, due to advancement in technology, bullies have begun using social media platforms to bully the others. This is known as cyber bullying. This time, the bullies can intimidate you regardless of where you are, they can even hide their names while doing bad deeds. It is not easy to track them back, even though it is possible.

I myself have been bullied. When I was younger, people sometimes called me names and made fun of me. No matter how much I wanted them to stop, they wouldn’t. That’s because bullies enjoy watching you in sorrow. They take pleasure by hurting others. The more you tell them to stop, the more they bully you.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely because you’re being bullied and want to find a solution to stop it. Just like I did, you must stand up for yourself and ignore the bullies. Once you do that, they won’t find enjoyment in teasing and bullying you anymore and thus would stop. Furthermore, it is best to not to keep your worries to yourself. Telling your worries to a trusted friend or adult doesn’t mean that you are weak. On the contrary, this shows to the bullies that you are brave enough to go against them and that you have people around you who love, care, and protect you.

Remember, no one has the right to bully you!


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