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The Rainbow After The Rain

The Sun may rise and set,

The Moon may come and go,

Your heart may not be certain and set,

Yet, it is your choice to press start and go.

Who has the right to say?

It’s too late to pursue your dream,

It’s too late to change for the better good,

Remember, no one.

Who has the right to judge?

You are not good enough,

You do not deserve it,

Remember, no one.

Life is not always calm and smooth,

Life is not always light and bright,

Yet, it’s your choice,

Of how you want to live your life.

When it rains,

It’s your choice,

Whether you cry or dance in the rain,

Remember, rainbows come only after the rain.

You only have one life,

Live every moment like there is no tomorrow,

Live your life to the fullest,

Let no one judge you.

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